Investment Strategy

Generate Current Yield, While Offering Attractive Capital Appreciation Opportunities

Our funds are private real asset vehicles dedicated to acquiring high quality income-producing, predictable, long-life oil and gas assets with a high percentage of proved developed producing (PDP) reserves.

Our strategy targets acquisition and development assets that generate high current yield, while offering attractive capital appreciation opportunities. Our team has refined an investment and operating approach that identifies, technically evaluates, acquires and develops strategic oil and gas producing assets in conventional and unconventional U.S. oil and gas plays.

We seek to fund development through cash flow, with meaningful reinvestment rates. To that end, we are highly selective, patient and disciplined in the underwriting of our investments.

Having conducted a detailed evaluation of more than 500 transactions and closed only 17 (through year-end 2023), we are proud of our underwriting process. Our goal when evaluating assets as possible acquisition targets is to identify packages that feature lower risk and liability exposure, and are situated in areas where we believe there is an opportunity to achieve returns from operational cash flow and capital appreciation.


  • High Percentage PDP
  • Opportunity for Cost Savings
  • Predictable Long-Life Reserves
  • Upside Potential


  • Low Cost Operations
  • Environmentally Responsible
  • Mitigate Risk


  • Low Risk Projects
  • Modern Techniques
  • Attractive Returns


  • Income Producing Strategy
  • Annual Distribution
  • Return LP Capital 1st


  • Upside Potential Proven
  • Assets Consolidated
  • Sell to Strategic Buyers