Attractive risk-adjusted return for our investors

For more than a decade we have achieved success for our limited partners through disciplined underwriting and strategic technical management of oil and gas resources, resulting in an attractive risk-adjusted return for our investors.


Opportunities reviewed — representing a total value of ~$36 billion. 


Offers to acquire assets — representing an aggregate value of $4.1 billion.


Acquisitions closed — representing an aggregate total deal value of $750+ million in producing, predominantly operated, domestic oil and gas properties

Typical Acquisition 

  • Who is the seller?
    Typically, sellers are large independents and majors operating legacy fields.
  • What are the assets?  
    We target underdeveloped oil and gas reservoirs with material upside, including properties that offer a high percentage of predictable proved-developed-producing (PDP) reserves with low decline rates and long-life reserves.
  • Employ our in-house operational expertise. 
    This allows us to achieve low wellhead breakeven and high operating margins.
  • Target assets with additional upside potential.    
    Our engineering team can apply new technologies to producing wells in older fields in order to increase production from discontinuous, low permeability formations.